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Cirkus was a rock and roll band that was in existence from to Through many personnel changes as well as changes in the basic songlist , Cirkus worked hard to become one of the most prominent bands on the club scene throughout North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia.


They traveled hard, played hard, and partied hard. From the opening song to the last call for alcohol, Cirkus rocked the house harder than any club band in that area leaving the crowd sweaty, breathless and screaming for more.

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It was not uncommon for booking agents to advise their young, inexperienced bands to "go see Cirkus and you'll see how it's supposed to be done. Cirkus' main mission was that the band was going to have a great time and they wanted the crowd to, as well. Even if there were relatively few people in the club and there were those nights!

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It was obvious to the attendees that they were in for something out of the ordinary upon just walking into the club. They were greeted with lots of lights, a huge P.

When the house lights and music went down and the band took the stage, Cirkus began kicking ass and taking names, and the crowd knew they were in for a thrill ride. Want to be convinced? Check out the crowd noise heard an the Carowinds Concert! They had their problems, sure. Bad management decisions, bad personnel decisions, band vehicles of questionable safety, equipment problems, you name it.

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They were lucky, though, in that nobody ever got seriously hurt see below , arrested it was close a couple of times! They made it through alive and mostly in one piece.

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They never attained the ultimate goal, the ever-elusive recording contract, but they had one hell of a good time. It was good to be king, indeed. To all of the wives and girlfriends who endured the hectic frenzy, to all of the players and road crew who participated, to all the club owners who allowed us to play your venue, to all the parents who supported us and allowed us to pursue our fantasy, to all of the people who we became friends with some of whom we still are friends with, and you know who you are! It was one hell of a ride, and none of it would have been possible without you.

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