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His soul was transferred in Abyss and later into the body of Ajiya. Archimage Yagor summoned the soul of Anfey into the body of Ajiya while doing expirement but did not realize that the expirement was successful. He kills Yagor and stays at the island for 2 years before Saul comes to kill Yagor. Upon knowing Yagor is already dead he takes Anfey with him to mage academy as his student.

He foils the plot of Maris and Melinda to blame him for stealing Saul's treasure. The group of Saul's students is arrested by the order of Prince Wester after the supposed death of King Yolanthe.

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He resists the arrest and kills the guards including Zeda and Maris. He takes the valuables of Saul and takes the group including Niya and flees to Lagan city. They hijack a merchant ship. The merchant recognises the group, gets them drunk and captures them. One student is killed and one seriously injured during confrontation. Anfey later rescues them and is taken as a leader of the group.

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Niya gets into conflict with local noble of Lagan city for harassing 2 sisters which later leads to death of 2 sisters and their family by noble. The group also fight city's guards during the departure from the city. Anfey ambushes Suzanna thinking that she is the secret-helper that helped them escape from Sacred city. He questions her and his sister Shally but leaves upon realising that they are also fleeing from someone. Suzanna and Shally later joined the group and helps fight the battles with manticore, unicorn and wyvers. They decide to go to forest of death but Hui Wei convinces them to go to Black city in country of mercenaries and gives them a teleportation scroll.

After arriving at Black city they meet Black-eleven and decides to assassinate the princess of Shansa Empire who is arranged to be married with son of Tiger of Tauwau mercenary group. They also learn that Philip is already in Black city.

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He hatches a plan with Armin, Robin and Suzanna. Anfey first kills Orwell, the little brother of Davidson with the help of Suzanna while disguising themselves as mercenaries of Tiger of Tauwau group sowing discord between the two mercenary groups. This leads to a conflict between Davidson and Hotchbini which is stopped with the arrival of Shanteler. Anfey kills Shanteler by luring him with the help of Robin and then sliting his throat with the help of Hui Wei's Anti-magic terra.

This leads to large scale battle between the two groups in Blackcity. Davidson is killed during the battle against Mourtta and Hotchbini and Tiger of Tauwau mercenary group takes control over the city.

Since the Shansa army helped Tiger of Tauwau group in the battle, the other mercenary group starts despising them and tries to drive Shansa empire army away. Anfey and group goes to Mormatch city after leasing it from Brothers Mercenary group. They make it their base after driving out the hostile gnomes, werewolves and dwarves away.


The Perfect Assassin (Chronicles of Ghadid, book 1) by K A Doore

They also discover some ancient treasure in those underground tunnels below Mormatch city. Upon knowing that Griffin squadron will attack Moha empire, Anfey conspires against Kumaraghosha and defeats the griffin unit. When it is finally revealed that Yolanthe is alive and Moha empire destroyed Dark Moon Legion hence winning the war, Anfey and group goes back to Violet city which he got as a reward along with Count title.

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    Newly trained by the legendary Ezio Auditore, she is hell-bent to exact vengeance and restore her fallen brotherhood. Features Witness an empire crumble Travel across China and its legendary landmarks. Stalk enemies from the roofs of the Forbidden City, hide in the shadows of the Great Wall, meet iconic historical figures and discover this Great Empire.

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