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Prayer is essential to a life in the Spirit; it is through prayer that we find Grace and divine enablement to live the life of obedience.

Religion attempts to replace obedience with prayer. The true Christian experience is through prayer we become obedient. The measure of all that we do, embrace, declare and allow into our lives is to be measured by this one principle: His Life in us. The decree of God is such that in order to live in one realm we must experience death in the other.

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We cannot find life in this world and expect to hold on to His Life in the other. We are living in a day of choice. Discipleship is a decision that no one else can make for us. When we accomplish a task assigned us—when we perform a deed, speak a word, pray for a friend, train up a child, tutor a youngster, distribute a Bible, share a testimony, teach a lesson, or support a ministry—we never know the chain reaction God will begin. The Bible frequently reminds us of the principle of sowing and reaping. A single seed has the capacity of feeding millions through endless cycles of proliferation.

In the same way, as we go through life sowing words, deeds, and influence—even if some are no bigger than mustard seeds—the number of people whom Christ can influence through us is incalculable.

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Someone said there might be a lot of atheists among scientists, but comparatively few among mathematicians. Here God deals in higher powers. In kindergarten we learned the numbers one through ten, the simplest digits in arithmetic. Add them together and you get The total comes to 3,, Consider the great revival now sweeping China—millions upon millions of people are streaming into the kingdom. As a boy, John helped his father in the ministry and earned the nickname Little Pastor.

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He was brilliant, always at the top of his class. As a young man he came to America in pursuit of degrees. He earned a PhD at Ohio State University, where you can still find his chemistry essays and research documents in the university library.

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He is reportedly the first national Chinese to earn a PhD in America. Along the way, John got away from the Lord and lost his way in life.

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We can choose to do good or do bad things. The jails in this country are full of people who chose to do wrong things. And each one must feel bad now that they have lost their freedom. Proverbs says: "If you respect the Lord you will live longer, but your life will be shorter if you keep doing wrong.

Jesus wants to be our Saviour and some of us have asked Him to forgive our sins and make us clean inside, and to come and live in our hearts as our Saviour. We know this is true because God answered our prayer and changed our lives.

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And today, we want to please Jesus in all we do and say, and this will add so much more to our lives! He is our Example.

He is our Lord. He is our Saviour.

God’s Arithmetic

He is our Best Friend. We use the word "plus" to show that there is more.

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Protect and honour us. Satisfy us with a long life.