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Opposites Distract

Manually refresh the RSS feed to sync up. Get a verified badge Claimed. Post classified ads for sponsorship, guests, co-hosts, cross-promotion Self-service promotion on Listen Notes. Use speech-to-text techniques to transcribe your show and edit transcripts. Improve the presence of your podcasts, e. I am not an expert of any kind — I am neither a doctor, nor am I some enlightened yogi you can go visit in a cave to receive pearls of wisdom about the meaning of life. If you came to my cave, in fact, you would recognize my messy living quarters as those of someone who grapples every day with issues of organization and order.

What I am is an adult with ADHD, anxious to share some different exercises and ideas that have worked for me in the hopes they can help you come to an understanding about mindfulness and how, in particular, it can be helpful to us ADHD travelers. Each post after this introductory one will give you suggested exercises to do for two or three days in a row — so while this will be 30 days of mindfulness, it will be broken down into about a dozen posts.

This will not be 30 days of meditation.

Meditation is one way to develop mindfulness but it is not the only way. Mindfulness or mindful awareness is the opposite of being distracted, lost in thought, or daydreaming. Mindfulness is about being alert and aware that we are doing it. It involved tracking our experience moment by moment to see clearly and simply what IS—without being limited by automatic responses, judgments, and expectation. Mindfulness…is the opposite of being on autopilot.

At its core, mindfulness embraces heartfulness, as it requires being kind and compassionate to yourself and your experiences. So often we end up criticizing ourselves for how we are or what we feel, and that stops us from learning from our experiences. This judgmental and hypercritical perspective can leave us stuck, ashamed, or hypersensitive. It can also lead us to pretend nothing is wrong with our behavior, when we know full well that something is amiss. Mindfulness helps us accept ourselves as we are right now and, paradoxically, through acceptance, leads to possibilities for growth and change.

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Alex: Not exactly, you're the opposite of distracted. USWNT alex morgan kelley o'hara source: izombie. Opposites Distract submission. Nathaniel: Everything okay?

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And, truthfully, that was the only reason the older teen hated knowing the black and blond boy had feelings other than friendship for him. Good to you : It had been an accident.

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At least that was what Evie had said to him. After all, she had been the only one he had told about his feelings for Jay.

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Beyond that, boys are often more aggressive in class, especially when they have nothing to say. By eighth grade a lot of boys and girls would rather be staring across the room at each other, slack-jawed with fantasy, than doing their work. Opposites distract. Also, keeping boys and girls apart at this age contributes to an air of mystery, which makes boys and girls ultimately more powerful. The most idiotic thing about coed college dorms is that they demystify the opposite sex. I for one believe boys and girls should be kept apart at gunpoint until age 21, when they meet to shake hands minutes before the arranged marriage. I do, however, think that the closer you look at our culture—its highly sexualized nature, its celebration of sophistication and denigration of innocence—the more inclined you should be to consider whether boys and girls would do well to be apart. Equality of all sorts is always desirable, but it can be secured in a lot of ways, and forced integration of the sexes seems to me these days the least helpful and the least promising because it involves coercion.

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