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Every donation helps, no matter how small. It adds up very quickly.

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A standing order is set up on your behalf. This is entirely under your control so you are free to cancel at any time by telling your bank. Every pound you give goes directly to help Tring School Students.

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This money goes directly to the school for the benefit of the students. If you pay income tax, please complete the Gift Aid section on the form for both regular and one-off donations.

Please complete this Gift Aid Form for both regular and one-off donations. We are talking about extras. The Government funds the basic educational requirements. The trust aims to give the students of Tring School an edge by providing additional resources, be that computer software, microwave ovens, a kiln or anything else which the school feels will be of benefit. You will still have to make a conservative guess of the max number of characters per line with wordwrap , but you can be more precise than if you were simply truncating a multiple-line string with substr.

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