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The first three are under the old name. Recording is work. The whole process. I love the writing, and the acutal playing, the rest is discipline. Oh boy, send in the interns. I'm very hands on and do as much as I can myself. For the first three I used the studio I owned in Sausalito, California and recorded onto 1" or 2" tape.

By the time I got to the third album, I was directing the packaging too. You can order everything yourself, and have it drop shipped to the CD pressing plant for assembly. By doing this you have much more freedom in every direction, including sleeve. I opted for a mini trifold album, like in the old days, cardboard!

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All recycled materials and soy based inks. This worked out great. Due to weighing less and not cracking when shipped or dropped, costs were lowered. The savings in damage and postage made up for the difference in price. Now the studio is all digital, and I'm taking it to record on location with a good piano. Again, I'll do all the packaging. Resources for how to do this are in the back of Mix Magazine, and on the internet. A lot of companies are what's called "jobbers", who don't do the work themselves, and only organize it all for you, essentially.

You save hassle, time, and money if you take over this and "job" your own project.

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In lieu of being on someone else's label, this is the way to go. Well, there was the company that had to eat the initial printing costs because they redid art work with out asking, and made really horrendous typos in the process. There was the time the tape machine spit out flames just as we were wrapping up the last mix. And the project that was finished the day before the engineer left for a six week tour of Europe.

The flood, the divorce, oh gee. This could go on. Shall we have a beer?

Do you tour regularly? Any good "on the road stories"? Trips with Hank Ballard and the Midnighters take me to some interesting places, and every year I play in the Virgin Islands. Other things come and go. Every year more travel happens and it makes me very happy that things are working out that way.

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The best part is meeting other folks. Then there's all the cultural experiences. I'll never forget traveling with Hank Ballard and the guys on his bus from L. That's the band, the horn section, and the Midnighters. Quite a gang. You really have a ball with a group like that. Best parts?

Most exciting? Her nephew was helping her with something on her gold Cadillac. We were getting the bus' air conditioning working. Oh, and while we were driving there the guitarist at the wheel got sun stroke through the huge bus windshield, and almost rear ended a sub-compact at 75 miles per hour.

He was dazed, we were yelling. That was close. Who are some other folks you have worked with?

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Have they influenced your playing? Big time. Tommy Thompson, family friend from childhood. Grooves deep on the guitar and is in the western swing Hall of Fame. He's the one who taught me boogie woogie piano. Didn't see him for almost 20 years and now we gig together occasionally. Steve Freund has helped me tremendously, just by knowing so much, always being on the money, and playing so well. He's encouraged, taught, and given me opportunities.

Big Joe Duskin from Ohio is teaching me a lot too. Everyone I've ever played with has left a mark. I really wish I could have met a lot of folks that are gone now. Hear that ya'll? If you dig someone's playing, you've got to get out and hear them NOW. Some of the musicians you learn the most from might not even be in your genre. If they've got that thing that communicates, and they take the time to be with you, it could change your life. That is so true. What other women pianists do you admire? Marcia Ball was an early inspiration.

A couple of gospel pianists, including the one that backed Mahalia Jackson on so much work. Her name is Mildred Falls. Great player. She was amazing! My musical partner, Eric Byrd who is an amazing pianist himself and I count Mildred Falls amongst the best. I love the way Beverly Stovall eases into a blues, and Ms. RedTutu1 [Lady Bianca! Oone of our other featured artist!